Chow Chow

Our recipe for Chow Chow is generally sweeter than acidic. The sauce can be eaten by itself (lick your fingers), but is really meant to be served with ham, pastelles, roasted pork and beef, fried fish and fish cakes, mashed potatoes, hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods and sandwiches. The vegetables included in the sauce are as crunchy as the day they came from the farmer. They include: papaya, carrot, onion, sweet (bell) peppers, cauliflower and christophine (or chayote).

Chow chow (also spelled chowchow or chow-chow) is a North American pickled relish made from a combination of vegetables. According to the region, choice vegetables can even include green tomatoes, red tomatoes, cabbage, beans, asparagus, or peas. After preserving, chow-chow is served cold, most often as a condiment or relish. The term “chow-chow”; is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “piccalilli” (an English version of Indian-style pickles).

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