Sorrel Pepper Jelly

6 oz

Our black sorrel pepper jelly simply takes to ham and roast beef! This jelly can replace cranberry sauce for the Christmas holidays.  Use it as a glaze in baking your meats, and then add it as your preferred condiment to your sliced meat. Or, top up your favorite cracker with a delectable cheese, then spoon on Sorrel Pepper Jelly. Don’t let anyone eat your serving before you do!  The jelly is dark-colored like a blueberry jelly.

The fruit of choice is Black Sorrel or Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa), which is a species of Hibiscus originally native to West Africa. Stems, leaves, flowers and seeds are all used in various cultures for making fiber, food or drinks. In the Caribbean, the sorrel flower is used in making great beverages.

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