Cup of Joe TT Season 4 EPS34

Joel Villafana & Leesa Reize

RECIPE: Perfect Peppers Asian Spiced Chicken & Perfect Peppers Citrus Spiced Mahi Mahi recipe

Cup of Joe TT Season 4 EPS4

Joel Villafana & Shradah McIntyre

Recipe: Shrimp Bisque using Perfect Peppers “Pimento Peppers” flavored Garlic Bread

Cup of Joe TT Season 4 EPS19

Joel Villafana & Saga Boy Chow Chow

Recipe: Mackeson ‘Strong Man” Wings with Mackeson Stout and Milk , using Perfect Peppers “Pepper Chow”

Cup of Joe TT Season 4 EPS14

Generation X Artiste: Akil Borneo aka 5-Star Akil

RECIPE: Spicy Deviled Eggs & Curry flavored Stuffed Eggs using Perfect Peppers Fire Salt